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UN Advocates Technological Skill Programmes In Schools.

Aug 13, 2019 Hit: 59 Written by 

As the world marks the united nations international youth day, governments of the world have been told to equip young people with the skills they need to navigate the technological revolution in the world.

Un secretary – general, António Guterres who gave the advice while speaking on the theme of this year’s international youth day, lamented that schools are not equipping young people with the needed skills, noted that recent statistics have demonstrated that significant transformations are still required to make education systems more inclusive and accessible around the world.

While calling on nations to ensure access to inclusive and equitable education as well as promoting lifelong learning, the united nation secretary general opined that education today should combine knowledge, life skills and critical thinking so as to meet the UN’s strategy to scale up global, regional and national actions to meet young people’s needs, and to harness their potentials as agents of change.

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